Sharing our Faith

One of the biggest challenges in being a disciple is knowing that Jesus asks us to share our faith with others – to live lives that are witnesses to His loving saving grace to the world around us. The last few weeks we have been thinking about what that means, what could we be doing more of to encourage us to share faith, what should we be celebrating?

Bethesda has a wonderful recent history of being a place where people find a home, somewhere they can be themselves and find something of God in our gathered worship, fellowship and shared lives together. How we take this to the next stage and find the courage to invite more people to join in with us on the crazy journey is a significant part of us being “fruitful”.

It is great to think about what this means and essential that we do look to scripture to guide us in our thoughts – faith is shared via stories. Stories of where God has shown up in our lives. His provision, His unexpected peace, His unexpected voice from the most unexpected of places. God in the everyday and the spectacular. We want to see and hear more of these testimonies, whether it is formally finding time on a Sunday morning, midweek groups or over coffee. News of what God is doing in and through us is the lifeblood of the church – the thing that means we are not simply an outdated group with incomprehensible rules – but a living witness to a living God.

I encourage us all to think about where and how we see God in our lives and to be bold enough to share. Let us worship a living God, whether gathered or scattered that His kingdom might be known throughout this town.


New Wine Fundraising

One thing Bethesda values is the people and we try to invest in one another as much as possible. Children’s work is central to what we do as a church as we seek to share God’s love with our young people. Over the last 3 years Bethesda has paid for the children to attend New Wine to make it as affordable as possible for families to attend. The cost of this is in excess of £1000 and therefore we are trying to raise some funds to offset the costs.

A big thank you to Debbie and the youth for organising the recent church lunch and for all who donated.

If you would like to know more about New Wine and its impact on the children and their faith please speak to any of the parents (or possibly consider volunteering to help in Kids Church and see if for yourself!)