Statement of Faith

When Bethesda Baptist Church was formed about 150 years ago, the group of Christians making up the Church adopted a statement of faith, to set out what they believed. That statement has been updated on several occasions, most recently in October 2011, to make the language more readable in the early 21st century, but the essential truths that our predecessors believed have not been altered.


We believe in and rest on the Divine Inspiration of the Bible, and accept it as the revelation of the mind and will of an ever-gracious and all wise God; and that the following principles and rules are in accordance with the same.

We believe in the sovereignty of God as fully expressed in 3 persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We also believe in the Biblical record of God's creation of the world; the perfect state in which he made humankind; our subsequent fall from that perfection, and the present ruined state of humanity and creation through sin.

We also believe in the Bible testimony of his Son, Jesus Christ, that He is fully God and fully man; and that it is only by Faith in his Righteous Life, sacrificial and substitutionary death on the Cross, His Burial and subsequent resurrection and Ascension to his Father's right hand, where he intercedes on our behalf, that we are saved.

As our Saviour, we regard him as our Master and King, to whom we gladly give the loyal obedience of our hearts and lives.

We also believe in the essential work and ministry of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and lives. We pray that he may continue to be poured out until the Kingdom of God has fully come. Furthermore, we believe that the Holy Spirit continues to equip the Church with both natural and supernatural gifts as listed in the Scripture, for the building up of the Church and for Kingdom purposes.

We are fully convinced that it is only by grace that we are saved; that our own good works cannot save or in any way assist in our salvation, and that salvation is the cause and not the result of good works. However, as Christians, good works should be the natural result of our relationship with God.

We believe that it is the responsibility of every Christian to be actively involved in sharing the Gospel both in what they say and what they do.

We believe in heaven and hell and God's righteous judgement of all humankind. That Christ will come again and that in Him and through Him is the hope of our salvation.