Churches Together

CATA (standing for Christian Action in the Trowbridge Area) is a loose, relational association of churches with the aims of sharing information and working together where possible. The ethos of CATA is to encourage and facilitate churches to do more together in both word and deed. Every two months a forum is held where church leaders and other church representatives meet to discuss plans and information about future events.


The goal is for the CATA Churches to share their ideas so that other churches may support them.  HOPE 2008 and 2014 and other joint projects showed clearly that when Trowbridge churches work together the benefit is to both the churches and the local community. Our aim is to continue to work together on similar projects.


Every year a CATA Celebration is held when church people come together and give thanks to God for what the churches have done in the year.

Eleanor is our church representative for CATA. Wendy is the CATA publicity officer.

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