Vision and Values

OUR VISION is that Bethesda will be healthy, fruitful and balanced in worship, fellowship and mission.

At every level and activity we want:

  • True worship to take place.
    (Praising God, listening for His voice and obeying Him in everyday life)

  • True fellowship to take place
    (Loving and serving other Christians and learning together to be Jesus’ disciples)

  • True mission to take place
    (Sharing the love of God with those who don’t know Him, by word and deed)

To reach our goal we want to have these three strands in balance

The UPWARD (relating to God)
The INWARD (relating to each other)
The OUTWARD (relating to others in the wider community)


We see ourselves as a loving family – appreciating, caring and supporting each other. All ages are welcomed and valued. We enjoy our diversity and our times of meeting together. We welcome others to come and join us.

As a family we love to worship the Lord with music and we are blessed with anointed musicians. Our meetings are open to the moving of the Holy Spirit. Meeting together in small groups is a key part of our growth. We are encouraged and given opportunities to participate in a variety of ministries and ministry roles both within the church and the local community. Individual giftings are encouraged and valued.

Bethesda is a mission focused church which values the Word of God and prayer.