Bethesda has supported the project Ugandaid for several years by prayer, by giving financially and by a small team making an annual visit.

Ugandaid was set up by Altrincham Baptist Church to support the Nile Vocational Institute in Jinja, a well established but underused Institute. ABC set up a sponsorship scheme to help more young people, normally aged between 14 and 18, attend three years of training at the Institute.

Bethesda has encouraged student sponsorship.




Recently the small team from Bethesda has become involved with the Macedonian Child Outreach project led by Pastor Alfred. Masese is a shanty town where many people live in poverty. There is little employment and not enough land in this area to grow crops. Pastor Alfred’s mission is to show love and care to the children in this area and to share the gospel with them. His vision is to develop a residential facility so that the children do not have to live in such poor conditions





To find out more about Ugandaid please ask Nigel Harris, Joan Hunt or Dave and Jac Rose. The website has more information about the Nile Vocational Instirute.